Poly Bag Central offers an array of stock static control products designed to protect various electronic components:

  • Black conductive lay flat bags meet the requirements of MIL-P-82646 Rev B. They are manufactured of 4 mil black opaque heavy duty low density polyethylene film.
  • Black conductive tubing is wound on a 3″ core with a 1″ core plug. Make your own bags to any length is just seconds. Our 4 mil linear low density blend polyethylene tubing is available in a range of widths from 4″ up to 24″ with 750′ per roll.
  • Pink anti-static bags are available in lay flat and reclosable. Our layflat bags are available in 2 mil and 4 mil gauges. Their transparent design allows for easy visualization of parts. An array of choices for closures – ties, staples, taped or heat sealed – provides convenience and personalization. A 4 mil reclosable bag features a durable single-track zipper that lasts well in repeated use.
  • Pink anti-static tubing offers an amine free alternative in a range of widths between 4 inches and 32 inches. Neatly wound on a three inch core, this 4 mil tubing can be cut to any length and taped, stapled, tied or heat sealed closed.
  • Transparent metallic static shielding bags are available in rugged 3 mil layflat and 3 mil reclosable zipper bag designs. Metallic static shielding bags are 50% transparent for easy product identification. A static shielding notice is stamped on each bag.