Protect your newspapers from early morning dew, rain, snow and dirt with Poly Bag Central’s two types of Newspaper Bags. We offer high-density and linear low-density polyethylene Newspaper Bags that are printed with a suffocation warning and packed 2,000 per case with 100 bags per cardboard header:

  • Linear Low Density Newspaper Bags are available in 0.65 mil thickness and dimensions of 5.5 inches x 16 inches and come with a hang hole. These linear low density (LLDPE) bags are designed to offer an extra element of clarity and functionality.
  • High Density Newspaper Bags are available in four different sizes. HD newspaper bags are manufactured of 0.4 mil in the following dimensions: 5.5 x 16 inches, with and without a hang hole, 6.5 x 19 inches with hang hole, and 7.5 x 21 inches with hang hole.

Whether you work for your city’s number one newspaper or you have a job at your tiny town’s weekly newspaper, Poly Bag Central Newspaper Bags can improve the way you handle your job.