Protecting your pallets with our Black UVI/UVA Pallet Top Covers on Rolls is an effective method of ensuring that your product remains clean, unblemished and protected from the sun. Our Pallet Top Covers – Black UVI/UVA are manufactured in America of 100% virgin low and linear low density polyethylene blend. This resin meets FDA and USDA specifications. You cannot see thru this product in interior light.

Poly Bag Central’s Black UVI/UVA Pallet Top Covers on Rolls offer quick and easy dispensing with perforations between the bags. Top quality and durable construction of these large gusseted covers is marked by a tubular contruction with a strong bottom seal.

You will find eight popular sizes of Black UVI/UVA Pallet-Size Covers in 2 mil and 3 mil gauges from 50x42x69” up to 51x49x97”.