Transparent White Construction and Agricultural (C&A) Film with G30 provides the ideal vapor barrier or drop cloth to protect your tools, equipment and property from dirt, debris and the negative effects of the elements.

Poly Bag Central White Construction and Agricultural film is provided on continuous rolls of durable low density polyethylene (LDPE) blend. Available in 19 stock sizes, White C&A film is manufactured with G30 technology. G30 is a proprietary non-petrochemical derived additive that provides a lower carbon footprint while delivering nearly twice the dart impact and one-third greater tear strength than conventional film.

You’ll find our Transparent White G30 Construction & Agricultural Film in three thicknesses for all your C&A needs.

  • 2 Mil gauge transparent white construction & agricultural film with G30 is available in four different widths ranging from 50”, 100”, 12’ and 16’ and come 200’ per continuous roll. Each roll has a 3” core.
  • 4 Mil gauge transparent white C&A film with G30 comes in eight width options beginning at 3 feet up to 20 feet wide with 100 feet per continuous roll. Rolls come on a 3” core.
  • 6 Mil gauge transparent white C&A film with G30 offers an extra heavy, tear resistant vapor barrier or drop cloth that is ideal for any job site. Designed in widths ranging from 3 feet to 20 feet and lengths of 100 feet per continuous roll, rolls come on a 3” core.